net3 Exchange

The net3 Exchange platform allows your brand website to list products and offer them for sale without alienating your channel partners. In fact, your channel partners receive and fulfill all orders that your brand website generates.

-        Win for the end customers

-        Win for channel partners

-        Win for the branded manufacturer

Fact - Many manufacturers and brands avoid selling direct to customers online for fear of alienating their channel partners.

Fact – Customers search online for brand names and often find themselves visiting the brands website first.

Fact – Many brand websites simply frustrate the customer by offering a “find a store” feature instead of capturing and finalising a genuine sale.

Fact – No one wins with this approach. The brand looks incompetent, the customer is frustrated and the channel partners have missed out on a sale.

Fact – There is a better way! – net3 Exchange

net3 Exchange allows brands to reward their channel partners while taking advantage of direct to consumer online sales.


How it works

Brand website displays product information and offers the product for sale.

The end customer visits the brand website to learn about the product and to decide if they wish to purchase. (80% of all customers now search products online before purchasing).

Instead of being frustrated by a “find a store” feature, the customer can add the product to a shopping cart and can purchase the item then and there. They are satisfied with the easy purchase and are comforted by the fact that they got the genuine item direct from the trusted brand.

The net3 Exchange platform routes the sale to your partners.

The net3 Exchange platform then alerts your channel partners that the brand website has generated a sale. An email is sent informing your partners that they are welcome to own that particular sale ($) as long as they satisfy some basic requirements. The channel partner must:

-        Have the particular item in-stock.

-        Be geographically closest to the delivery location.

-        Be willing to deliver the product and/or coordinate in-store pickup with the customer.

Your Channel Partner delivers the item and gets paid for the sale.

Not only has your brand website presented an easy and convenient shopping experience to your end customer, it has generated a genuine sale for your channel partner. Your channel partner loves your net3 Exchange platform because it brings them new sales. On a rainy day with little foot traffic they appreciate receiving online orders.

Win – end customer is happy with a convenient shopping experience

Win -  channel partner is happy with a new sale. Stocking your brand has benefits!

Win – brand/manufacturer is happy because their channel partners are incentivised to hold more stock

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