net3 Academy

Customer Engagement & Education

net3 Academy is a software platform that helps brands, channel partners and customers to connect and interact.

  •  - Brands are provided with a mechanism to tell stories and build momentum around their product/service.
  •  - Channel partners become “informed experts” and are incentivised to move more product/service.
  •  - Customers are empowered with product information allowing them to purchase with confidence and to ultimately become advocates for the brand and channel partner.


net3 Academy comes in two flavours:

Academy - Internet Portal

 - customer education

 - channel partner education

 - accreditation and compliance


Academy – POS Scan & Discover

 - point of sale product education

 - loyalty program and rewards

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Established in 2000, Lateral Systems® Pty Ltd is an Australian internet technology company providing professional web services and application development.